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Makes Me Go Hmm...

What is Spirituality?

If you were to look spirituality up in the dictionary, you probably wouldn't find it. You would find spiritual or spiritualism, with a definition along the lines of; 'Relating to the spirit of sacred matters or deeply religious'. Most people, when asked, would say the same. Some of you might even confide in a "spirtual advisor".

While these may be accurate definitions and titles for religious activities, the term spirit also means mood, and the term spirituality is the method that moods are distributed and recieved by all living things!

Understanding How Spirituality Works!

If you have ever had to apologize for you attitude or your mood, then you have experienced spirituality! Often in our lives, we walk around depressed, stressed out or even in a rage! We, as humans, tend to do our best to hide these feelings from others around us, including our loved ones. Many times the reason for this is simple. We don't want to worry our loved ones or anyone else for that matter and we are quite good at hiding our true emotions. So it is much easier to stuff them than to confront someone or worry anyone about them. However, there is another, more damaging, reason for hiding these feelings. We believe that the person to whom the feelings are directed at will either react in anger or think us foolish! So we avoid the real issues and begin to notice the little things they do that irritate us. These are much easier to be angry about, more abvious deficiencies on their part and we focus all of our anger on those issues. The recipient of our wrath soon finds themselves being berated for something they thought was quite harmless. They then react in anger and the whole thing goes bonkers...All a case of misguided spirituality!

Make Use of Your Spirituality

In any situation that you might find yourself, you can utilize spirituality to manipulate the outcome! If you are facing a hostile apponent, such as a dog or other animal, first, remain calm. You are much larger than most animals and are therefore a threat to them. Realize that and you will understand that they are operating from fear. Second, take a gentle, unthreating posture and in calm tones, reassure the animal. You have been given authority over all things, great and small that live in, on or obove this earth! They know, so you must know it!

The same can be applied to other situations in your life. People who have good spirituality, get good jobs, have many friends, help more people and have happier lives than those who don't!

Here are some tips that can help you each day...

Gentle Posture

The way you stand can speak volumes! One leg forward and you will seem aggressive. Legs together and you will seem scared or unsure. Stand with you legs level, about two to three feet apart with your hands to your sides or down low in front of you. This will set anyone around you at ease.

Eye to Eye

If you stand over a person when you talk, it may scare or unsettle them. If you stand lower than them or sit, you may feel insecure or unsettled. Try your best to stand or sit eye to eye. You will be much more comfortable and the reaction from the person you are dealing with will be more productive!

Calm Tone

The tone in your voice can be one of the most important tools in negotiations and debates! In debates, it is important to be a bit louder and a bit firmer in your tone than that of your opponent. In negotiations, it is imperative that you maintain a smooth, calm and clear tone. If you get loud, it could be seen as aggressive and all negotiation will be off...

Encouraging Language

It will be ok. I'll do whatever I can. I didn't realize that. We will work this out. These are all positive ways to alleviate stress in situations that could otherwise be destructive.

Whatever the situation, people always deal with problems in stress mode. It may be mild, but it's there just the same. It can surface at any moment with or without your bidding, so you must be aware of the things you can do to change the spirituality of a situation. In any case, the best thing you can do is to consider the things you say carefully! Take into consideration the fact that we are all imperfect and being diplomatic can bring untold rewards! The only way to think and reason clearly is with a cool head...

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