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Makes Me Go Hmm...
Faith or Fiction?

*If modern medicine is at it's greatest levels to date, then why were there people reported to have lived for 500 years and more during the time of Noah and Moses and other well know prophets? And how come our oldest person on the planet today is only 119 or so?

*If the Pope's faith is strong enough for him to claim that he speaks with God's authority, then why does he ride around in a bulletproof car?

*If God knows everything, then why did Jesus tell Him when he hung upon the cross; "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"? Didn't God already know that?

*If the bible teaches peace, love and equality, then why does it also condone slavery?

If churches and other humanitarian organizations spend millions each year to set up missions and feed the starving in other countries, then why don't they set up missions here in the U.S. to feed the starving? Jesus specifically warns the church not to forget the poor...

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