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Makes Me Go Hmm...
Healing With the Mouth


The Power of the Mouth!

When God created the Heavens and the Earth, he did so with his breath. By breathing life into existence, according to some Scriptures, God formed all that we know!

This to is how we are to live. By speaking things into existence, good or bad things, we dictate the events of our lives. Let me give you an example: When you were younger, do you remember your mom or dad telling you that if you faked being sick, you would get sick? You probably even remember it happening! Or have you ever heard of placebos? Suger pills used in studies to determine the true effectiveness of certain drugs. Patients with the same illnesses are given controlled doses of medication. Half of the patients get the real medication and half get placebos. Studies have shown that, in many cases, those given placebos recovered just as well as those patients given the actual medicine!

It's the power of belief! Belief distributed through the mouth-that of the doctors' that is. By telling the patient they had been given the medication, the patients believed they would be healed, even though they had only ingested sugar...

Is Healing a gift?

Many bibles and religious books teach that healing is a gift from God. They, however numerous, are wrong. Healing is simply a law of nature that has been put in place for our existence by God. It is a part of the natural way of things.

To help you understand better, think of the story in the Christian bible about Adam and Eve. When they were in the garden of Eden, God told them not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Why is that? To keep them from ever knowing that there was such a thing as evil? While that may help to shelter someone, it certainly will not last forever. So why was it that God commanded such a thing? It was because God knew that the knowledge of good and evil meant that mankind would then become aware of the ability to speak not just healing words, but hurting words. Words that could destroy.

If you look at the entire relationship between Adam, Eve, from the time in the garden to the time just after being exiled from the garden, you will see how evil comes in the form of hurting words. For example; Eve and Adam, in their act of shame-covering thier bodies because they realized they were naked. I doubt they just snapped at the same time and ran out and put some fig leaves on, I'm sure they said to one another; "Were naked" or something to that nature. When God aproaches them He even goes so far as to say "Who told you that you were naked?" in Genesis 3:11. He knew they could not know that they were naked unless they had eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but someone or something had to have convinced them to eat of the tree. God knew it was so and wanted to know who it was that told them to do it. He was quite aware of the power of the mouth and the creative ability of the words it forms...

Read Genesis 3:1-11 to get the whole story of "The fall of man".

Recieve Your Healing!

Have faith in the fact that God has already provided healing for all in the very laws of nature. Long ago, before Jesus walked this earth, Isaiah told of the comming of a sacrifice from God that would take our sicknesses and sins and carry them for us so that we would be healed!

Just speak it! It is yours, mine and everyone else's! When illness arises, acknowledge the law of healing put in place by God and you will walk in that healing! It is as simple as that! If you sneeze, and someone says to you that you might be getting a cold, just say that you don't get sick. And believe it...

Read Isaiah 53:5.

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